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Our dedication to our customers begins with a commitment to quality. We know that our customers rely on our products expecting a superior level of care and service. So we consciously and consistently align our company objectives with our Quality Objectives.


One of the biggest advantages of natural-latex is that it is a healthy and safe material to sleep on. Nearly all other types utilize adhesives and petroleum based (synthetic) materials that continue to release toxic chemicals into the air as they age. Virtually no one complains of chemical odors in all-natural-latex, because there are fewer volatile chemicals to break down and release odors.


VFOAM natural-latex products are manufactured from 100% natural latex with hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant qualities. The latex forms a protective layer to prevent infection which means that fungus, bacteria and dust mites simply can’t survive inside a latex mattress or pillow.

Environment friendly

The raw materials are harvested from plantations using a method that allows the trees to live and grow while tapped for latex. Rubber trees can be tapped for as long as 30 years, while converting Carbon dioxide to breathable oxygen, purifying the air the whole time. Derived from natural substances, natural-latex is also a bio-degradable and highly durable material, two factors that reduce consumption and waste.


VFOAM products are known for their great durability due to the durable and breathable nature of latex. Some of the products can last and provide comfort on average for 10-12 years because of the materials used. Also, the warranty of the mattress will help you to protect it from potential product failures that might decrease its life.

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