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  • Natural latex mattress
  • Natural latex rubber products
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Latex foam core

  • Density: 65 to 95 kg/m3
  • Dimensions
    75 x 38 inch 80 x 38 inch 84 x 72 inch
    75 x 54 inch 80 x 60 inch
    80 x 76 inch
  • Available in 3,4 and 5 inch thickness.

Naturally hypo-allergenic. Foam Cores are very popular and satisfactory amongst owners and are considered to be the best in its class.

These springy and elastic mattresses are fabricated using simple but efficient Foam production process for outstanding durability and excellent levels of comfort. They also resist impressions, sagging, and wear better than other types of mattress materials, making them a great long-term investment. It also keeps your mattress fresh and clean by actively eliminating bacteria and fungi.